Why Choose an Inclusive Wedding Package?

It’s easy!  When you choose  Ridge  and  Valley  Weddings, you’ll check off all of your major to-do list items in one step.  We’ll even help you fill in the gaps by giving you a list of additional vendors that we know and love to simply the planning process even more.  Having one point of contact will avoid the headache of having to share the same information repeatedly with each individual vendor.  Save yourself time and energy and get back to enjoying that fiancé of yours!  Go try out that winery you’ve been eyeing, enjoy a hike on the Appalachian Trail, or whatever it is that your hearts desire!  Rest easy knowing that we have you covered!

Our inclusive wedding package provides:

Digital & Film Photography

You book the venue, food, and officiant and you’re all set! 

Ridge and Valley 3 Cats Photo Blue Ridge Mountain Photographer 14320.jpg

Planning is key to a stress free day, but can easily become overwhelming in a sea of wedding vendors. 

We believe the perfect vendors have just the right mix of experience and humility.  While we do this every weekend, we know that you do not. Our favorite vendors have the expertise to predict and solve problems before they arise, but know that all weddings are unique and momentous.  We’re certain that if you love the service we provide, you’ll also love the recommended vendors and venues on our preferred list.   We aren’t exclusive to this list, though, so feel free to use that venue you’ve loved since you were 10 years old.